3 Things | September Edition

I saw this on Andrea’s blog and I thought it would be fun to join in. I’m always curious to see what people put down for these lists, and hopefully, you’ll learn a bit more about me.

Three experiences I recommend
go on a safari
go on a cruise
swim with the fishes in Hawaii

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Three pieces of advice for everyone
let it go
don’t feel the world owes you
don’t worry about pleasing everyone

Three things I’d give up in a second
making the kids’ lunches
my job!

Three things that are always in my fridge
bottled water
fresh fruit (whatever’s in season)

Three things that are always in my freezer
frozen vegetables (to make fried rice)
Mayfield ice cream
frozen dumplings

Three things that are always in my pantry
kidney beans
granola bars

Three most often used makeup products
Lumi cushion
brow pencil
lip gloss

Three things I’ll spend money on

Three things I won’t spend money on
manicures – I’d rather do it myself
fitness club – who has the time?!
phone apps

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