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8 Core Work Essentials

I mostly work from home but once in a while I’ll go into the office and need to be properly dressed. Our office dress code is pretty lax, I can wear jeans and a t-shirt, if I wanted to. But since I only go in once a week or so, it’s nice to be able to dress up a bit. I’m usually casual on the bottom (I always wear jeans) and business on top. Throw on a blazer and you can look professional without feeling uncomfortable. I’ve rounded up 8 core wardrobe pieces you should have in your closet if you head into the office as well.

1. A well-made blazer

It doesn’t have to be the most expensive blazer but as long as it looks tailor-made for you, you’ll look professional. I have good luck finding most of my jackets at H&M, J. Crew, and Zara. The jackets I’m wearing below are old but I’ve linked similar ones.

8 Core Work Essentials - www.designbysydnee.com

OUTFIT DETAILS – blazer [similar here] | striped top [similar here] | jeans | booties

8 Core Work Essentials - www.designbysydnee.com

OUTFIT DETAILS – pink blazer [similar here and here] | blouse | booties

More blazer options (you can shop by clicking on the photo):

2. A neutral colored dress

A dress with a blazer (see #1) makes the mornings easy to get dressed. Even better when it’s a neutral color so you can easily swap out the blazer for a new look without coworkers noticing you’re wearing the same dress again and again, ha!

3. A basic blouse

Another neutral necessity in the workplace is a basic blouse or button-up shirt. The top, in a neutral color such as white, ivory, or black, will never go out of style and it will be easy to wear with slacks or a pencil skirt.

More white shirt options:

4. Work appropriate pants

If your office is more formal, slacks/trousers are another smart choice to add to your wardrobe. For more informal offices, denim might be another wardrobe item. In my office, we can wear plain jeans without the distressing and holes. I save the jeans with the holes for the weekend. 🙂

5. Pencil skirt

A pencil skirt will make any top look more formal for the office.

6. Neutral trenchcoat

A neutral coat, such as the ever-popular beige, or even navy colored trench coat, will look good over everything.

7. Work appropriate shoes

Low heels

Neutral colored heels can be worn with many outfits and the low heel ensures comfort. 

Neutral flats

In addition to heels, flats can look professional for everyday wear in the office. Flats are still formal enough for the office, but they’re easier to walk in and are more comfortable.


8. Professional looking workbag

A simple, yet spacious workbag will allow you to carry your neccessities, such as your laptop, keys, ID badge, and possibly lunch, to and from work in style.


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