Back To School | 2018

How is it that I have a 4th and a 6th grader already?? My son is going to Middle School so this school year is a year of many “firsts” – first child in Middle School, first time having kids take different buses to different schools. #sob I think I’m more nervous for my son than he is! I know he’ll be fine though.

The day before was Open House at the elementary school so we took in the school supplies and met my daughter’s teacher.

My son had a “load the lockers” night at his Middle School where we loaded his locker with supplies, tried out his locker combination a few times, and walked around looking for all his classes. Either the lockers are really short or my son is pretty tall! lol

School started this morning. Of course, all the parents were out taking pictures.

And the Middle School kids!

Now, I’m just waiting for the kids to come home and tell me all about their day! We have baseball tonight and soccer will be starting pretty soon so it’s back to the new (old?) normal after a lazy summer!

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