Back to School – Are You Ready?

Back to school time always means new clothes and school supplies! I’m sure I didn’t feel the same as a child but as an adult, I so look forward to this time! I love pens, especially fine point ball pens (the thinner the point, the better!), beautiful stationery, and colorful post-its. I’ve started getting into bullet journaling and these pens are ideal if you’re into that sort of thing too. Washi tapes, where to begin…there are so many options and they’re so fun. My kids love these backpacks. They have so many new designs and matching lunchboxes. And they’re durable! I throw them in the washer at least twice a year and they come out like new! Just make sure you air dry though.

Back to School -

1. Pottery Barn Backpack (Boys) 2. Pottery Barn Backpack (Girls)

3.  Sticky Notes

4. Boy Lunch Bag 5. Wonder Woman Lunch Bag

6.  Lined Post It Notes 7. Pencil Pouch

8.  Accessory Case – we just ordered this for my daughter

9. Sharpie Retractable Markers  10. Cool Gear Cup

11.  Washi Tape 12.  Ultra Fine Point Pens

13. Glitter Washi Tape  14. Sharpie Retractable Highlighters

15. WD External Hard Drive 16. Staedtler Fineliner Pens

My daughter had the small-sized backpack when she was in kindergarten. That was 2 years ago. This photo shows the first day of school and she was so excited to ride the bus with her big brother!

Back to School -

Back to School -

Here she is with the large-sized backpack, the same size as my son’s. It looks huge and it can hold a lot but at her age, she doesn’t have too many books/notebooks that she totes around so it’s the perfect size for her to grow into. My son still has the same one from the previous year. It’s holding up really well.

Back to School -

And I had to include the pencil case which just came in the mail. Isn’t it cute?!

Back to School -

Are you ready for school? What are your school must-haves?

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