December Reading List -

December Reading List

Happy December! It’s my favorite time of the month, the monthly Reading List! With the holidays and all, I only read 4 books this month instead of my usual 6. Read on for my reviews.
The Perfect Liar by Thomas Christopher Greene*
Publication Date: January 15, 2019
This one isn’t out yet but I was able to snag a copy from NetGalley. Susannah and Max are living a great life in Vermont when one day, a note is stuck to their door stating “I know who you are” and everything spirals downwards. Both Max and Susannah are lying about something…who’s the better liar?! I didn’t really care for either of these characters but the writing was strong that I wanted to keep reading. If you’re looking for murder, sex, and twists, you’ll find it in this novel!
And Then You Were Gone by R.J. Jacobs*
Paolo is a medical researcher who works long hours in the lab so when he suggests spending some time together, his girlfriend Emily is all in. They spend a romantic night on a boat and when morning comes, Paolo has disappeared. Did he drown, was he murdered, or did he simply run off? Emily tries to find answers while dealing with her bipolar disorder which leads to some erratic and unconvincing moments. It was a fun read nonetheless trying to figure out what happened to Paolo. Instead of Where’s Waldo…#wherespaolo? ha!
The Escape Room by Megan Goldin
My family and I have been to a few escape rooms so this concept really intrigued me. Four coworkers are told to meet in a newly built building on a Friday night and instructed to get into the elevator. Turns out the elevator is THE Escape Room. Because it’s a new building and over a weekend, the entire building is deserted. The book alternates chapters with these 4 people who don’t trust each other but must work together to get out and Sara Hall (one of their coworkers who came on years earlier as a new hire). From Sara’s perspective, you see the cut-throat competition within the financial world and how her coworkers treat others, aka horribly. I’m not sure if the numbers were based on facts but I was floored to find out how much financial professionals make on Wall Street! This one kept me up late into the night! It’s a novel based on revenge and I had to know who was behind it all!
By the same author as Behind Her Eyes, I was eager to read her newest novel Cross Her Heart. This one doesn’t have the unrealistic, far fetched ending of her first novel so I actually enjoyed this one more. Lisa is a single mom to Ava, a 16 year old teenager. Chapters alternate between Lisa, Ava, and Lisa’s best friend Marilyn. They’re keeping secrets from each other but you’ll have to read it to find out what those are. I found all the characters quite likable except for teenager Ava. Her chapters were annoying since the author tries to capture her teenage ramblings. (It’s no wonder I don’t read YA novels so it might just be me!) I still enjoyed this one though. I love the author’s writing style, most of the chapters were quick reads, and I flew through this book trying to figure out how it was going to end.
December Reading List -

Thank you to NetGalley for the advanced copies.

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  1. i am with you on teenagers, i typically avoid them if i can unless it’s like dystopian and they are saving the world -aka not acting like normal teenagers. i’ll have to add that book to my list!

  2. I’m looking forward to reading Cross Her Heart, and it’s good to know that it won’t have the same issue with the ending! I’ve never been to an Escape Room, but that book sounds really interesting/fun- just added it to my tbr!

  3. I loved Behind Her Eyes, even the fantastical ending because it surprised me and I am rarely surprised with mysteries., but I do understand how some would not like the ending. Anyway, I am super excited about her book though and happy to see you enjoyed it. I have lots of problems with teen characters too because they are so damn annoying in most books. Like to the point where I root for the killer (assuming the story has a killer as most of mine do) kills them, which is mean and makes me feel sorta (not really) bad. The Perfect Liar also sounds interesting and adding it to my TBR as well.

    1. I didn’t want to be too harsh with the YA stuff (to each his/her own) but your version certainly made me chuckle! I love Pinborough’s writing though, whether real or not (ending-wise)!

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