Fall Fashion Trends I’m Looking Forward To

Summer has come and gone! Technically, we still have another month left of summer but the cooler temperatures are here. I don’t know about you but I’m ready to welcome in fall and fall’s fashion. I’m not a big trend follower but when I see styles that work for me, I can get on board. Like statement sleeves. The exaggerated statement sleeves are not comfortable for my lifestyle but I think bell sleeves, especially the 3/4 style, add a nice little detail to otherwise simple tees or blouses. So I’m happy to see bell sleeves are trending for the cooler season.

Bell sleeves

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I don’t think booties are trendy as much as they’re mainstream now. ¬†They’re a nice medium when it’s cold and you want your feet covered but you don’t want the hassle of wearing knee high boots. Booties are my go-to for my daily wear.


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Midi skirts provide a little more coverage and come winter, they’ll look nice with leggings/tights and booties or knee high boots.

Midi Skirts

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Velvet looks so luxe when it’s done right. I think the options below would look great at a casual holiday get-together. It’s never too early to start thinking about the holidays! #rightaroundthecorner


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Florals were huge last season and they’re back in warmer fall colors. Like the midi skirts, these will look great with tights and boots.

Fall colored floral prints

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What fall trends are you looking forward to?

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