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Favorite Purchases of 2017

I’ve only been blogging for the last half of 2017 but that doesn’t mean I don’t have my list of favorite purchases. 🙂 Most of these items are re-purchases, like all the beauty products (the tool is a new one I added last year) and some of the clothing purchases such as the fleece pullover and the wrap cardigan, I’ve had for a few years now and can vouch for their comfort.


microneedling tool // I’ve been using this every other day and it helps absorb serums and moisturizer really well. I don’t find using this painful, it’s more of a tiny pinprick feeling.

brush cleanser // I always buy a back up of this once I run low and it really seems to last forever. A few squirts and it does a great job of cleaning my makeup brushes.

sunscreen // All year long, I apply sunscreen in the morning to provide protection when I’m out and about. This one absorbs quickly and doesn’t give me that white, ghostly cast.

exfoliating treatment // Application is quick and you only have to have it on for a minute or 2 before you wash it off.

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fleece pullover // I bought my first Patagonia in 2016 and added another one last year. I live in these, especially in the fall and all winter long. I have the Medium since I like mine roomy.

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Another favorite purchase from last year is this sweater jacket.

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wrap cardigan // Perfect for being cozy in the winter but light enough that I can wear it in the summer when the A/C is too high (or is that too low?!).

leather tote // I use this as a work bag. It’s roomy for a laptop and other work essentials, like snacks. 🙂

cross body // This purse is a great size, not so big nor so small. I can fit all my essentials and there’s still room to spare. I like to alternate purses but this has been my go-to last year.


instant pot // Like everyone else who has been sucked into the Instant Pot fever, I love mine! I use it several times a week, from boiling eggs to making stew. If you own one and have a recipe to share, I’d love to hear!

rejuvenating pillowcase // I’ve been using this for most of 2017 and I awake with tangle free hair. It claims to help with aging but I just like the way my hair glides on this and doesn’t snag like on cotton pillowcases.

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