Friday Favorites // March 8, 2019 -

Friday Favorites // March 8, 2019

1. FIRST AUDIOBOOK // Maybe I’m late to the game but I just finished my first audio book. I listened to Bad Blood whenever I was in the car or at my daughter’s soccer game and I’m hooked! Audio books are perfect when it’s not convenient to read. My daughter gets so mad at me when I’m not watching her play so this is perfect, I can listen to this book and have my eyes on her! lol

2. BREAKFAST // This chunky guacamole is so good!

Friday Favorites // March 8, 2019 -

I make my own avocado toast with a layer of guacamole, a fried egg and topped with a sprinkling of Everything But The Bagel Seasoning. The photo doesn’t look great but it tastes so good!

3. VITAMIX UPDATE // I bought this smaller container to replace the taller one that came with my Vitamix. My biggest gripe is that it doesn’t fit under my cabinets. Now look, this smaller one actually fits UNDER and it’s a perfect size to make a single or 2 smoothies! My favorite purchase for the kitchen this week!!

4. WHEN IN ROME // I found this cute t-shirt while out shopping. I think it’ll look adorable under a blazer. It comes in a sweatshirt too and it’s under $10! (Sorry about the dirty mirror!)

More graphic tees:

Have a great weekend!

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