How We Pack Lunches |

How We Pack Lunches

Happy Hump Day! I’m linking up with Shay and Erika for their monthly link-up “How We” Wednesdays! This month’s topic is “How We Pack Lunches.”

School starts in 2 weeks and I’m already dreading the lunch box dilemma! Fortunately, my kids like to buy from the cafeteria some days. But on those days when they want a packed lunch, I’m ready to pack their lunches using these strategies for keeping it simple and most importantly, quick!

+ Let them help. My youngest (she’s 9) likes to pick what she wants to pack in her lunchbox. She’ll set them aside (if it’s not perishable) so when morning comes, most of the items are already in her lunch box.

+ Prep in advance. Every Sunday night, I’ll sort some cut-up fruit and veggies into separate ziplock bags for the week so for those days that I’m packing lunch, I can grab and pack.

+ Make time in the morning to assemble the lunchbox. I always include a sandwich as their main ‘entree.’ My kids like Sunbutter & jelly or a simple ham and cheese sandwich. Here’s a trick I learned to help sandwiches from getting soggy, especially when you add lettuce and/or tomotoes: wrap a paper towel around the lower half of the sandwich before placing it in a ziploc bag and it’ll help absorb some of the moisture.

+ Have backups on hand. On days when the kids don’t want a sandwich, they’re always happy with a Lunchable! As long as their lunch consists of a protein, some fruit and vegetables, I can’t really complain.

So there you go, nothing fancy over here. When my kids were much younger though, I did the notes-in-the-lunchbox, I used compartment containers to provide a variety of foods, I cut up their veggies into cute shapes, and so on. But now that they’re older, packing lunch is so much easier!

Sorry for the blurry photo but I took this one day when I visited my kids for lunch.

How We Pack Lunches |

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  1. You have some great tips. I really like prepping on Sunday as well. I don’t get everything ready, but I do like getting that head start to make it through. Thanks for sharing your tips, they were so helpful!

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