How We Plan Our Summer Vacation

I’m joining Mix & Match Mama for their monthly linkup. Today’s topic is on how we plan our summer vacation.

Start Early

As soon as the Christmas & New Year holidays are over, my mind shifts to summer vacation planning. What better time to do some research than when it’s cold and dreary out?! I find when I prepare in advance, costs are more reasonable and there is more availability, especially important when you want to book that oceanfront room on the beach! I’m sure there are last-minute deals out there but as a family with 2 young kids, I like things to be planned, booked, and scheduled in my calendar.

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Agree On Destination

I’m the vacation planner in the family. Fortunately, the husband and kids are game for whatever I propose. We’ve gone on some amazing trips, including Scotland & Ireland, Las Vegas/Grand Canyon, and Martha’s Vineyard in previous years. This year, we’re booked on a cruise. I’ve already been on several cruises so I know we’ll have a great time!

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Set A Budget & Compare Prices

Once we’ve figured out where we’re going, we set a budget. This helps when I do my research on where we’re going. For beach vacations, I like to find hotels that are right on the beach but as you know, the location equates to higher prices. Starting vacation planning earlier in the year gives us a chance to save up throughout the year as well.

Ireland | South Carolina

Read Reviews

As I’m booking hotels, I like to read reviews of the hotel that I’m considering. Reviews of the place help me compile a list of activities that are must-see and must-do as well. Reviews on TripAdvisor and Yelp are invaluable! What did we do before the Internet?!

Purchase Vacation Items

Once everything is booked and we get closer to our vacation date, I like to make some purchases for our getaway. That’s always the fun part, isn’t it, the shopping?!! For warm weather getaways, I might be purchasing new swimsuits for the family. For foreign countries, I make sure we have converters and local currency ready.

Whenever I travel, I have my list of essentials. Check out my carry on post to see my list. Even though the post talks about flights and what I carry-on, I always have these items wherever I travel, whether to the beach or internationally.

portable charger | iPod | headphones | Kindle

So that’s how I plan our summer vacation! How do you plan for your vacation?


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