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June Reading List

My favorite book genre is thrillers/mysteries and this month did not disappoint! Most of them were good reads but the one that really stood out for me was by Sandie Jones. I read five thrillers and two fun, aka, fluff, pieces to round out my June Reading List. Let’s get on with the reviews.
The First Mistake by Sandie Jones*
This was my favorite read for the month! The twist at the end really got me. The only negative I thought was that the book started off with Alice, which is to be expected since she’s the main character; however, just when you’ve become familiar with her, the chapters turn to Beth, her best friend. Instead of the typical alternating chapters I’m familiar with, this one devoted several chapters to Beth so by the time it switched back to Alice, I’m like “who’s Alice?” I had forgotten her story. Once I caught on though, wow, the ending – so twisty and stunning! This book is fast paced and a perfect summer read!

Wolfhunter River by Rachel Caine*
This is the third book in the Stillhouse Lake series but it read more as a standalone so don’t feel obligated to read the first two, although I highly recommend reading Stillhouse Lake and Killman Creek to get the backstory. Gwen, still living under the shadow of her serial-killer husband, receives a call from a woman in Wolfhunter asking for help. Gwen is used to people asking for assistance but something about this woman fills her with unease. This had as much action and tension as the first two books and overall, I enjoyed this one as well. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough!
The Last House Guest by Megan Miranda*

Expected publication: June 18th 2019

Sadie and Avery come from very different backgrounds but circumstances bring them together in their teens and they become inseparable. One night, Sadie’s body is found near the cliffs and police rule it a suicide. However, Avery is finding inconsistencies with her death and evidence seems to point to her as a suspect. I guess you can say slow and steady wins the race because even though this wasn’t a page-turner, it did keep me guessing till the end.

Next Girl To Die by Dea Poirier
Claire is a homicide detective called back to the hometown that she left years ago. There’s been a murder and the local police need her help to solve a death, a murder very similar to her sister’s brutal murder 15 years ago. This was a fast-paced read with the typical strong but flawed main character. The writing was enjoyable but the plot felt predictable.
The Last Time I Saw You by Liv Constantine*
Kate is surprised and devastated when her mother, Lily is found murdered. Kate is the typical unreliable narrator. Kate relies on her once estranged best friend Blaire who has come back to town to attend the funeral, as Kate falls deeper into solitude and loneliness. Instead of sympathy, I found Kate incredibly annoying. I might be in the minority but I started The Last Mrs. Parrish by the same authors (Liv Constantine is a pen name for two sisters) but couldn’t finish it. So I actually had low expectations for this one. But I actually finished this one and the ending was unexpected, so there’s that!
The Mummy Bloggers by Holly Wainwright*
Maybe because I have a blog (not my primary money making endeavor mind you) but it was fun to see the other side of it. I can’t imagine the stress of always being “on”. This book was a fun read and gave some insight on the lives of influencers, the good and the bad.

The Overdue Life of Amy Byler by Kelly Harms
This book was charming and fun with a couple of LOL moments! Amy is a single mom doing it all for her two kids. When she least expects it, her ex-husband walks back into her life and wants to spend the summer with the kids getting reacquainted. Reluctantly she agrees and goes to NYC to attend a librarian conference. Through the course of the book, Amy works on letting go of her grudge against her ex-husband and at the same time, rediscovers herself. The funniest parts were of her 15 yo daughter’s diary entries – so hilarious! Loved this book!

June Reading List | www.designbysydnee.com

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  1. Alternating character chapters can be great when done right. But agree, sometimes you get caught up in a character that when it reverts to another character, you’re like who are you? Or the tone can feel so different because characters are experiencing different things, and rightly so, but it creates a weird dissonance as a reader. I really want to read the Stillhouse series, sound right up my alley. And Overdue sounds really intriguing too.

    1. The premise was interesting with her first 2 books but you’re right, it does seem repetitive! However, other than the same characters, I thought the third book didn’t feel like a part of the series.

  2. I’ve had Killman Creek on my kindle for an eternity, but I’ll get to it and the third too! I’m definitely going to check out the Sandie Jones book.

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