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Life Lately | April 20

Happy Friday! I have a Life Lately post today recapping our activities from last week. The weather over the weekend couldn’t have been more perfect. It’s a distant memory now, we’re at least 20 degrees cooler!

Spring Sports

Now that Spring has arrived, we are knee-deep in kids’ sports. We have soccer for my daughter and she also wanted to try flag football this season. She had her first practice/game last weekend. They only play on Saturdays, combining the practice and game into one morning, so that’s great for this busy mom…lol. She’s the only girl on a team with 8 boys. So far, she loves it!

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My son is in his second season playing baseball. He seems to enjoy playing and that’s all that really matters, right?!  He’s come so far in just one season!

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Field Trip

I went on my daughter’s 3rd grade field trip last Friday. The day was perfect – sunny and warm and I got to spend it with my favorite girl! Her class went to the Natural History Museum in Washington, DC. After 2 hours in the museum, we ate lunch outside on the Mall (turned out the cafeteria was closed due to renovations) and the kids were able to run around a bit before we got on the bus to head back to school.

She found a 4 leaf clover!

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Latest Read

I just finished this book. It was a beautiful weekend to sit outside and read. Sidenote: It was finally warm enough last weekend to wear these shorts. They really are comfortable and it’s now under $17! Sorry, last comment on how perfect last weekend’s weather was…ha! Life Lately |

I’ve started this Oprah pick. Have you read it?

Also, my book selection from Book of the Month arrived recently. I picked this thriller. Can’t wait to start reading! You can sign up with my referral link if you’re interested.

Latest Obsession (for the kids)

My daughter earned enough money to buy herself a hoverboard. She’s been practicing in the house and it’s amazing how easily she’s picked it up. I tried for a split-second before I fell off, ha!


So that’s our life lately. Hope you have a great weekend! xo

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