March 2018 Highlights |

March 2018 Highlights

It’s mid-April and the weather is finally warming up! Can you believe it’s supposed to be 80 today?! I have my March highlights for you today. You can catch up on my February Highlights here.


In March, the Hubby and I took a quick trip to San Francisco where we toured Napa Valley. You can find my San Francisco Recap here. On the topic of traveling, I put together this post on my carry-ons and the items I never leave home without when I’m traveling.

March 2018 Highlights |


My purchases last month included these sneakers. They are extremely comfortable and I’ll find any excuse to wear them!

I also love these distressed shorts. I don’t normally have good luck buying bottoms from Target but these are definite winners.


I also did a dressing room roundup from Loft and Ann Taylor. They have so many cute Spring arrivals! My favorite item was this striped top with the cute eyelet trim.

March 2018 Highlights |

I couldn’t resist buying this blazer. It was under $50, which is a bargain for an Ann Taylor blazer!

March 2018 Highlights |


I found some cute spring footwear, like the one below.

March 2018 Highlights |


March 2018 Highlights |

I forgot to mention last month but my daughter participated in her school’s Talent Show and she “rocked” it.  She played a medley on her electric guitar and we were so proud of her. There might have been a bribe for her to participate but now that she has, she’s already talking about what she’ll do in next year’s show. The photo above is of her acoustic guitar, love the light coming in from the late afternoon sun!

Hope you have a great weekend! xo


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