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Monday Mishmash | Photos From My Phone

I hope everyone had a great weekend! It’s Monday and back to the grind. Kids start school this Thursday….what?! It’s been nice letting the kids sleep in but I’m looking forward to school when they’re back to their routine. Here’s a photo dump of what we’ve been up to lately. We’ve been spending a lot of time at the pool. The pool water here in Northern Virginia is usually pretty chilly but it’s just starting to get a little warmer now that summer’s coming to an end. Boo. 🙁

If we’re not swimming, we’re at one of the kids’ soccer practice or game. This one particular night was so hot and humid, even at sunset. I was sweating just watching from the sidelines. The kids came off the field completely drenched!

Ahhh, I love a cold cup of coffee during the hot summer months! I picked up the mason jars at Ross. You can check out my cold brew recipe here.

I was reading when my cat hopped up on the sofa. Couldn’t resist taking a photo! He’s a Burmese cat and they love being around people. He’s definitely a lap cat! Just not that day….lol. But always nearby.

It’s still hot during the day but the mornings feel chilly and this skirt is perfect for those cooler days. I have to wear it as much as I can before burgundy, orange and other fall colors take over. 🙂

We drove to S. Carolina for vacation last week. It was hard to wake up so early to hit the road but the gorgeous sunrise made up for it. So beautiful!

We made it out to Sullivan’s Island in S. Carolina. This guy had set up his umbrella and I couldn’t NOT snap a photo. I loved his colorful umbrella against the landscape. I blurred him out if you can tell..ha!

It’s definitely a family-friendly beach and it wasn’t crowded at all, despite the heat. So it felt like we had the beach to ourselves! I’ll do a full review of our S. Carolina trip in another post.

Have a great Monday!

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