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My 3 Favorite Apps

I hope everyone had a long holiday weekend if you had MLK off! I did so it was a nice long weekend to relax since we didn’t have any plans. For this post, I’m sharing my 3 favorite apps that I use often on my phone.


We were on the road sometime last year when we stopped for gas and we got to talking to another couple at the next pump. They mentioned there was traffic ahead and when we asked how they knew, they mentioned Waze. That was my first time hearing of the app but now, it’s one of my most used ones. I use this more than the GPS in my car!

My Favorite Apps | www.designbysydnee.com

It shows real time traffic and road info, like when there’s a car pulled to the side and even when police is up ahead.

My Favorite Apps | www.designbysydnee.com


When our kids first got phones last year, this was the first app that I installed. I can keep track of their whereabouts without constantly calling them. You can pinch the map to zoom in and it shows them if they’re on the move (it shows them as a dot). Pretty cool!

My Favorite Apps | www.designbysydnee.com

And you can even text from the app.

My Favorite Apps | www.designbysydnee.com


Have you ever listened to a song in the car and wondered who sang it? Maybe it’s just my car but not all stations display their songs. That’s when I use this app. It listens to the song and identifies the song and artist. It’s certainly not a vital app but just something fun to have.

My Favorite Apps | www.designbysydnee.com

What are some of your favorite apps?

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