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My Latest Amazon Purchases

I love looking through posts to see what people are buying from Amazon these days. Amazon is the online equivalent to Target, I can’t just buy one thing whenever I’m in that store. Here’s what’s been delivered to our house recently. And no, this post isn’t sponsored at all.

Baseball gloves // My son uses these at every baseball practice and game and he says they’re comfortable.

Guitar amp // It’s portable but the sound is really good for such a small amp. It’s perfect for my daughter to practice her electric guitar.

Sheets // These sheets have over 28k reviews! I’m still waiting for these but they have elastic all around the sheets (and not just the corners) to help it stay on.

Personal heater  // I bought this little portable heater for my office. I’ve placed it under my desk and it’s really quiet and produces enough heat to warm me without making the rest of the room too hot.

Latest Amazon Purchases |

Lazy Susan turntables // I’ve been on an organizing kick lately and I bought a few of these turntables. The 14″ fits on the top shelf in our fridge. Everything gets pushed back in there and I have to really reach for things in that space. I also bought a smaller one for the kitchen cabinet. I love these turntables for making hard-to-reach areas accessible!

Magnets // I needed whiteboard magnets and the reviews on these were good.  Plus, they look pretty!

Car headrest hooks // I’m not sure why I ordered these but they’re hooks to hang up your purse, a grocery bag, a jacket maybe, from the car’s headrest. The concept sounded interesting. I’ll let you know how it works out.

So that’s what I’ve ordered lately. Have you ordered anything from Amazon lately?

Latest Amazon Purchases |


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