My Most Used Kitchen Gadgets -

My Most Used Kitchen Gadgets

I’m sharing my most-used kitchen appliances and gadgets today. Any tool that’ll help speed up meals for a family of 4, I’m all up for! I might not use these every single day but it’s darn close! There are some seasonal items such as my electric kettle that I use mostly in the winter and my cold coffee brew maker that I only use in the summer but for the rest, I rely on these gadgets on an ALMOST daily basis.

INSTANT POT // I use my instant pot several times a week for dinner. I just made pulled pork the other day. (You can find my recipe here.) I also like to have hard boiled eggs ready in the mornings and the instant pot makes it in 7 minutes and it peels so easily. My instant pot is in constant use every.single.week!

RICE COOKER // Another appliance I use almost every day is my rice cooker. This one might be expensive but it’s so worth it, especially if you eat rice as much as we do!

AIR FRYER // My father-in-law gifted me an air fryer YEARS AGO and at first, I thought it was a novelty item. But I’ve used it so often lately, I think my FIL was  ahead of his time. 😉 Mine’s old but this air fryer gets great reviews.

COFFEE MAKER & GRINDER // I need my caffeine fix every morning and I make it using this coffee maker. I have to include my grinder that I use to get fresh coffee.

Love my Ninja!

BLENDER // I use my Vitamix blender to make smoothies. Love how everything is pulverized! I’ll usually add in some spinach leaves to the smoothies and the kids have no idea (other than the color haha)! This one is on sale.

HOT WATER KETTLE // I can’t live without my electric kettle in the winter time! I drink a LOT of tea when it’s cold.

COLD COFFEE MAKER // I’ve been making my own cold brew using this and clean up is such a breeze.

Two gadgets I use frequently are pictured here: corn cutter & garlic chopper (similar).

GARLIC CHOPPER // This garlic chopper is well-used in my kitchen. I love to use fresh garlic whenever I can and this device makes it so much easier than chopping it on a cutting board. Mine’s old but here’s a similar one.

CORN CUTTER // I received this corn peeler last Christmas and it’s ingenious! When my 10 yo daughter has a loose tooth, she has a hard time eating corn on the cob. I wish I had gotten this years ago!

SCISSORS // Instead of a knife, I use my kitchen shears for EVERYTHING, from cutting up pancakes to spaghetti and anything in between! You can get them at any homegoods store but here’s an option.

My Most Used Kitchen Gadgets -

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