Nov Reading List -

November Reading List

There were only 3 books that I read this month. I didn’t read as much with holiday planning having taken up some of my time. And if I’m being honest, I’ve been too busy watching the holiday shows on the Hallmark Channel. 🙂 Read on for my reviews.

 Seven Days of Us

November Reading List -

 Seven Days of Us // Olivia, the oldest daughter, is a doctor and has just gotten back from Africa where she was treating a deadly virus, known as the Haag virus. In order to spend time with Olivia, her family chooses to be quarantined with her for 7 days. The book is told in alternating perspectives, from Emma, the mom, to Andrew, the father, and other characters in between. Secrets get divulged and the family learn more about each other during their confinement. All the characters were well-developed and it read like a true story, in a normal way. I really liked this one!

The Good Daughter

November Reading List -

The Good Daughter // Twenty-eight years ago, Charlie’s mom was violently murdered. Her dad is a defense attorney who has more enemies than friends. Fast forward some years and Charlie is a lawyer herself. There’s a school shooting and she’s a witness and memories of her mom’s murder surface after being repressed for so long. Without giving anything away, I have to warn you that there are some graphic scenes. This was another good read!

My Husband’s Wife

November Reading List -

My Husband’s Wife // My 8 year old daughter understood the title before I did, lol! The book is told in the point of view between Lily, a new lawyer, and Carla, a 9 year old next door neighbor. Lily and Ed, her husband, have just returned from their honeymoon. Lily’s first murder case involves Joe who she defends. She’s drawn to him because he reminds her of her brother Daniel. Carla is 9 years old when we meet her in the story.  The second half of the book shows Carla as a young woman, and also studying law. Nothing is as it seems. I enjoyed Lily’s scenes but fast forwarded through Carla’s 9 yo perspective. I don’t know, I found both Lily and Carla annoying, in their own ways. This was my least favorite book this month.

I’d love to hear what you’re reading, please share in the comments! Have a wonderful day and as always, thank you for visiting!

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