Planning for the Holidays -

Planning For The Holidays

Not to remind you but we have fewer than 7 weeks to Christmas! Trust me when I say these weeks will fly by, especially when you keep putting things off, saying “oh, I’ll get to it next week.” I know because I’ve been there, done that, in previous years! So let’s all breathe, enjoy a hot cup of coffee (or tea) and tackle this holiday planning together, shall we?

Note: If you’re looking for a gift idea for a girl friend or your mom, this robe is sooooo soft! I look forward to wrapping myself in it every night. The PJs are a light flannel so it’s the perfect combination with the plush robe.

Planning for the Holidays -

robe | pajamas

GIFTS. For me, checklists are what keeps me organized and sane! I’ll make a list of friends and family that I need to buy gifts for. This helps me stay on track and if you have a budget, it’ll help you stay on target. Don’t forget the school teachers, bus drivers, music instructors, and others who you might want to give a token of appreciation. I actually keep an eye out for little gifts, especially stocking stuffers, throughout the year and store it away. Just don’t forget where you stored it when Christmas arrives, ha!

HOSTING. If I’m hosting Thanksgiving and/or Christmas, I’ll make another checklist of the meal plan. I have to have everything written down. I remember one Christmas where I had all the ingredients for a dish and I completely forgot to make it! #xmasfail

HOLIDAY CARDS. Don’t forget to find holiday outfits if you’re taking holiday cards. Usually, I do a photo session of the kids for our holiday card and mail those out sometime in December.

ADVENT CALENDAR. The kids love opening up each day’s activity and it’s a fun way to count down to Christmas. Thanks to Pinterest, it’s super easy to get some ideas!

This was the one and only time I was able to get the kids into matching PJs lol! On the wall is the advent calendar we’ve been using for a few years now.

advent calendar

DECORATE. Bring out the holiday decor! I like to bring out the Christmas stuff leading up to Thanksgiving. Most of the Halloween decor is stashed away for next year, other than some of the pumpkins. I think those are still acceptable on Thanksgiving with the harvest theme.

Hope some of these ideas help you in your holiday planning! If you learned anything about me from this post, it’s I like making lists! Makes my life so much easier, checking things off and planning in advance. I’d love to know how you plan for the holidays!

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