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What I’m Packing For Our Cruise!

We’re going on a cruise next month and I cannot wait! For today’s post, I’m listing the essentials that I’ll be packing. With 2 kids, I have to make sure we’re prepared with a first-aid kit. Since it is a vacation after all, I can’t leave home without my fully-loaded Kindle! 🙂 And don’t forget the little things, like a highlighter to mark the daily activity sheets during the cruise. Read on for the rest of my cruise essentials.



  • shampoo/conditioner
  • bug spray
  • first aid kit (to include Neosporin, bandages, itch cream for bug bites)
  • antibacterial wipes/hand sanitizer
  • sunscreen
  • sea-bands (for nausea) – we use these for flying and for long car rides
  • air freshener – I like the Poo-Pourri spray

Clothing & Accessories

Other than t-shirts, shorts, and outfits for formal night, I’ll also be packing the following:

  • swimwear
  • pajamas
  • swim goggles
  • shoes [(sandals/flip-flops/water shoes], sneakers, dress shoes for formal nights]
  • socks
  • hats
  • sunglasses


  • ziploc bags – for wet swimsuits and/or toiletries; can also be used to store food in your cabin or during port calls
  • magnetic hooks – to hang beach hats, jewelry, and/or swimsuits to dry in your cabin
  • small bills for tipping when at ports of call
  • night light – if you’re in an inside cabin
  • wrinkle release spray – to get wrinkles out of clothing without using an iron
  • beach towel clips – to secure your towel to the loungechair and prevent it from flying away
  • a highlighter (or colored pens) – to mark the daily printouts of the activities and entertainment
  • plastic trash bag – to use as a laundry bag

There are a lot more detailed packing lists out there but these are my must-haves for traveling to a warm-weather destination. I hope this list is useful and don’t forget to pin it so you can reference it later!

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What To Pack For A Cruise | www.designbysydnee.com

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