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Life Lately

Happy Wednesday! I don’t know about you but it seems my days seem to go by so quickly. I haven’t done a Life Lately post in a while so let’s get started.

Am I the last one to try Smoothie King? I did recently and they’re so good! I tried the Green Tea Tango and it kept me fueled while I shopped.


Other than This Is Us, I’ve also been watching 9-1-1. Have you seen it? It stars Connie Britton as a 911 operator and Peter Krause as the Captain of the LA Fire Department. If those names sound familiar, Connie was on Nashville and Peter was on Parenthood. Loved both of those shows as well!

Life Lately -

We were excited that the Eagles won the Superbowl!

Life Lately -

I made this football cake for the big day. Super easy to make!

Life Lately -

I’ve been busy painting our informal dining table in the breakfast nook. It was originally a dark brown, espresso color. It had so many scratches from years of use. I love how lighter the space looks now. But I’m not done, I still have to do the base. I’ll get there…someday. 😉 I’m trying to be patient and do as many coats as I can.

(L) first coat, (R) after 5 coats


We’ve been waiting for the grand opening of Panda Express near us and they finally opened this past weekend. My husband loves their Orange Chicken! The line was out the door but it moved fairly quickly.

Life Lately -

And last but not least, my kids wanted to play this game. It’s hilarious watching their mouth and trying to figure out what they’re saying.

Life Lately -

So that’s our life lately. Hope you enjoy the rest of your day and as always, thank you for visiting!

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